Technology Partner

In recent years KMPS’s depth of knowledge in chemical engineering process design, coupled with our detailed engineering and modular construction capabilities have helped to foster strong working relationships with new and evolving technology companies. Particularly the alternative energy and biochemical industries. In this role KMPS becomes the ideal partner for a technology provider by using our skills at converting novel ideas and processes into practical and efficient operating systems. Our customers are active in the following chemical markets:


Often, our alternative energy and biochemical customers have developed their own unique intellectual property (IP), which is based upon a combination of theoretical studies and lab scale testing. KMPS is then an excellent resource for these companies as they look to design and construct a pilot or demonstration scale plant, proof of concept facility or up to and including a full scale commercial plant.

Specifically, our core competencies in chemical separations (distillation, liquid-liquid extraction, stripping and absorption), reaction kinetics, heat transfer, equipment design and process control, together with our detailed engineering and modular construction approach, provide the tools through which our customers take their technology to the next level.


Several key benefits result from integrating our customer’s technology together with KMPS’s engineering and construction know how:

Technology Enhancement
Whether through pilot testing at our Houston, Texas facility or through collaborative engineering efforts, KMPS provides process improvements in the areas of energy efficiency, product purity, system capacity, up-time and maintainability.

Time to Market
Time to market is a critical parameter to developing technologies. Through sound engineering and the schedule compression benefits of modular construction, we can accelerate our customer’s time to market.

Resource Utilization
Often times a developing technology company is resource limited. KMPS’s ability to be a single source provider of a turn-key packaged system (plant), allows our customers to free their resources to work on other essential tasks including market development, site planning, permitting, raw material sourcing, etc.

Testimonials and Experience

Some recent success stories from customers who have partnered with KMPS:

Partnered with ZeaChem Inc. to demonstrate the commercial scalability of fermentation based production of glacial acetic acid, the intermediate building block for cellulosic ethanol and bio-based chemicals.

Designed and constructed demonstration scale second generation biofuel process for leading alternative energy start-up company. Successful start-up achieved Spring 2010.

CO2 Recovery
Designed and constructed demonstration scale absorbent recovery and carbon dioxide purification system for multi-national energy company. Successful start-up achieved in 2009.

Photovoltaic Chemicals
Designed and supplied key process modules for a commercial polysilicon production system to a European customer in 1st quarter 2008 and a larger system to a US customer in 4th quarter 2008.


Designed and constructed extraction and distillation based system for a Princeton University sub-atomic energy particle research program.

Biofuels: Performed heat integration studies, including mechanical vapor recompression, for leading US biofuels producer. Heat integration concepts successfully implemented.

Designed demonstration scale system to recover biochemicals from fermentation product. Biofuels: Designed and constructed methanol and glycerin recovery systems for multiple biodiesel facilities.

Rare Earth Metals

Pilot tested liquid-liquid extraction processes for the recovery of rare earth metals.

Pilot tested and subsequently designed and constructed demonstration scale liquid-liquid extraction column for the recovery of plant oils from plant solids.

Designed and constructed semi-works plant for production of water treatment chemicals.