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For over 20 years KMPS has successfully designed and constructed mass transfer systems for the worldwide Chemical Processing Industry. Our customers rely upon KMPS for our quality products and technical expertise.

KMPS’ unique combination of chemical process technology development, design and construction expertise positions our developing technology customers on a faster route from lab scale development to successful market ready production. Let KMPS be your Developing Technology Partner.

KMPS designs every modular distillation and chemical separation system to meet the specific needs of each customer. Our products are sold with a Process Performance Guarantee. Our systems are typically designed for solvent recovery, chemical purification, steam & wastewater stripping, environmental regulation compliance, carbon dioxide & acid gas absorption and more. Our technical expertise includes binary and multicomponent distillation, extractive distillation, azeotropic distillation, reactive distillation, batch distillation, liquid-liquid extraction, gas absorption, reaction kinetics, heat transfer, shell and tube exchanger design, fluid flow, instrumentation and control system automation.

Why would you choose modular construction from KMPS for your chemical plant over conventional field construction? Here are 5 of the most common reasons our customers give. Also, read more in “Moving to Modular” from Chemical Engineering Magazine.

KMPS also provides process studies, laboratory and pilot plant testing , VLE development and complete chemical plant process design engineering packages.


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Did you know there are multiple process design questions that must be answered to properly define a steam stripping application, such as: What impact will the hydrocarbons and their range of respective concentrations have on the separation? Does the #wastewater have a foaming tendency? Does the wastewater tend to foul equipment?

The answers to these questions can be developed through pilot testing. At our #PilotPlant in Houston, we can answer these questions and more thanks to our Customized #SteamStripping Setups.


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