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Is Modular Right for Your Project?: CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, January 2016

Modular construction provides many benefits, but the decision to go modular should be thoroughly investigated Modular construction, which includes projects from small- and large-scale process systems to pilot plants to entire modular facilities, is a growing trend in the chemical process industries (CPI). More than ever before, project owners are considering employing modular rather than traditional construction, because it often provides significant savings in schedule and labor costs.

However, even though there are valuable benefits, modular construction is not suitable in every situation. This article discusses the advantages of modular projects, as well as provides advice on how to determine if a modular approach is the right the solution for your project needs.



CO2 Capture Technologies Aim to Cut Costs: CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, August 2017

Despite cost hurdles, CO2-capture technologies continue to advance, driven by the critical role of CO2 capture in achieving emissions-reduction goals

Among the possible strategies for addressing climate change risks are CO2-removal approaches, including the capture of CO2 from large emitters, such as power plants and industrial facilities, and also the capture of CO2 from ambient air. These technologies have been explored for some time, and commercialized in some cases, but have yet to be deployed widely, largely because of cost issues.



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