CO2, Sour and Acid Gas: Removal and Recovery Systems

Koch Modular has over 35 years of process engineering and modular system design experience in acid gas, sour gas and carbon dioxide (CO2) removal/recovery applications. Including the first ever operating carbon capture and storage facility featured in the New York Times and Scientific American.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Removal

For the challenging CO2 removal market, Koch Modular is able to leverage its extensive carbon dioxide recovery and purification experience, proprietary distributor design technology and unique expertise in designing modular process systems. We provide our customers with the necessary guidance and technology to lead them from bench and pilot scale technologies through the development pathway, all the way to fully conceived demonstration and commercial scale plants; including complete modular process systems supplied with Process Performance Guarantees.

Koch Modular has successfully designed, constructed and started up multiple demonstration scale absorber/stripper systems to recover and purify carbon dioxide from coal fired power plant stack gas. Including the first ever operating carbon capture and storage facility featured in the New York Times and Scientific American. These processes boast high CO2 removal rates, low solvent slip (release) and high CO2 purity.

Acid Gas Recovery

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an inevitable by-product in syngas production, be it ammonia, hydrogen or hydrogen/carbon monoxide (HYCO) syngas. Valuable food grade CO2 can be recovered from these gases. Excess CO2 is usually vented as a waste product. CO2 is present in natural gas, ethylene and ethylene oxide plants. Low levels of CO2 are usually removed by caustic. Regenerable solvents such as amines and potassium carbonate are often used to remove large quantities of carbon dioxide.

With regenerable solvents, CO2 and/or H2S is removed from the raw gas stream in an absorber. The solvent loaded with the acid gas (now called rich solution) is usually sent to a reboiled regenerator. Vapors generated in a reboiler strip the CO2 out of the rich solutions. A typical process flow diagram is shown below.

In some cases, such as high pressure applications, a physical solvent can be used to minimize heat consumption. Physical solvents can be regenerated by simple flashing thus eliminating the use of a reboiler.

Koch Modular designs and supplies complete acid gas removal systems (AGR). Our engineers have more than 35 years of experience in the field, enabling us to optimize the process and equipment to provide AGR systems that are reliable and yet economically attractive.

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