Let KMPS’ unique expertise guide the design, testing, engineering and construction of your Developing Process Technology.

For over 20 years, Koch Modular Process Systems (KMPS) has successfully led bench and pilot scale technologies through the development pathway to fully conceived demonstration and commercial scale plants.

Developing Technology Companies rely upon our capabilities in the following areas:

Process Development: Collaborative development of overall process material balances and selection of optimal unit operations. Development of OPEX and CAPEX models.

Pilot Testing: Equilibrium data development. Proof of concept distillation extraction and reaction testing.

Process Design: Process Flow Diagrams, P&ID’s, Equipment Design and Equipment/Plant General Arrangement.

Detailed Engineering: Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil-Structural, Instrumentation and Controls.

Modular System Construction: Single source, lump sum fixed price supply of complete process plants. Designed and constructed off-site in a controlled environment. Performance and Mechanical Warranties.

Startup Support: Training, startup, optimization and debottlenecking support.

KMPS Full Modular Process Technology

Detailed Engineering for your Modular Process System KMPS Modular Process Systems Pilot Testing your project Construction of your KMPS Modular Process System Startup and Training for your KMPS Modular Process System KMPS Detailed Engineering Services for Modular Construction Process Development Pilot Testing Process Design Detailed Engineering Modular Construction Startup Assistance & Training

KMPS’s unique combination of development, design and construction expertise positions our customers on a faster route from lab scale development to successful market ready production.

How KMPS can benefit you:

Technology Enhancement
Whether through pilot testing at our Houston, Texas facility or through collaborative engineering efforts, KMPS provides process improvements in the areas of energy efficiency, product purity, management of impurity buildup, system capacity, up-time, maintainability and overall system’s integration.

Time to Market
Time to market is a critical parameter to developing technologies. Through sound engineering and the schedule compression benefits of modular construction, we can accelerate our customer’s time to market.

Resource Utilization
Often times a developing technology company is resource limited. KMPS’s ability to be a single source provider of a turn-key packaged system (plant), allows our customers to free their resources to work on other essential tasks including securing investment, market development, site planning, permitting, raw material sourcing, etc.


 Markets we serve:

  • Biomass to Chemicals – fermentation and reaction based processes; major unit operations including reaction, distillation, liquid-liquid extraction, solids handling, compression, filtration and drying.
  • Biomass to Fuels – including bio-alcohols and Biodiesel
  • CO2 Recovery
  • Natural Gas to Liquids
  • Electronic Specialty Gases

Koch Modular Process Systems

Past Projects Portfolio:


  • Chemicals from Biomass: Complete raw materials to finished product process, including solids transfer, reaction, filtration, drying and mass transfer systems. KMPS was direct partner during the conception of overall process flow diagram, selection/optimization of unit operations, guidance of pilot testing activities, and development of operating and capital cost models. KMPS is a nominated partner for the design and construction of first commercial plant.
  • Acetic Acid Recovery: Developed, pilot tested, designed and constructed modular liquid-liquid extraction and distillation system to recover acetic acid from fermentation process.
  • Reactive Monomer Process: Complete raw materials to finished product (adhesives) process, including reaction and mass transfer systems. KMPS provided guidance of pilot testing activities and development of operating and capital cost models. KMPS is a nominated partner for the design and construction of first commercial plant.


  • Biodiesel Purification: Developed, pilot tested, designed and constructed multiple vacuum distillation systems improving purity and winter performance of biodiesel.
  • Bio-alcohol Purification: Developed distillation process for the recovery and purification of multiple alcohols produced via bio-fermentation process.
  • Bio-derived Oil Purification: Pilot tested and subsequently designed and constructed demonstration scale liquid-liquid extraction column for the recovery of plant oils from plant solids.

CO2 Recovery

  • Leading US Research University: Designed and constructed demonstration scale absorber/stripper systems to recover and purify carbon dioxide from coal fired power plant stack gas.
  • Multi-national Energy Company: Designed and constructed two demonstration scale absorber/stripper systems to recover and purify carbon dioxide from coal fired power plant stack gas.


  • Princeton University: Designed and constructed liquid-liquid extraction and dilstillation based system for an international sub-atomic energy particle research program located in Italy.
  • US Polymer Company: Collaborated with company’s scientist and engineers on the process development and process design of a raw materials to finished polymer continuous reaction process.

Rare Earth Metals

  • Metal Extraction: Pilot tested liquid-liquid extraction processes for the recovery of rare earth metals.

Electronic Specialty Gases

  • High Purity Electronic Gases: Worked with Technology Licensor to take paper technology to fully conceived raw material to finished product high purity electronic specialty gas process. Complete process plant designed and built modular by KMPS. Incorporates three reactions steps and eight distillation steps. Supported specification development and procurement of solid transfer systems, compressor, scrubber system, tank farm, etc. Designed and supplied complete plant control system using Emerson DeltaV, nominally 1500 I/O points.