The Left Hand Always Knows What The Right Hand is Doing…
Artificial Snow is
NOT made by:
A. Using ice-nucleation proteins from
bacteria, which allow the crystals to
form at higher temperatures
B. Using about 1 ton of water to make

a 10cm-deep layer of snow (over a
20 meters square area)
C. Blow boiling water through a small
volume pipe into cold air
D. Blowing water droplets through
freezing air
MARCH 21-23
2017 Interphex (New York, NY)
MARCH 26-29
13th Global Congress on Process Safety
(San Antonio, TX)
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VOL. 2 | NO. 1 | JANUARY 2017
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And a big contributor is a uniquely
communicative corporate culture.
One that encourages internal feedback loops
that “one-up” email with “real” conversations.
This, plus some of the brightest engineers
in the business, makes Koch Modular
an engineering design and modular
construction leader in the industry.
But the feedback loops
don’t stop there.
Our external collaboration with clients is
every bit as important. That’s why Koch
Modular puts so much effort into maintaining
the highest levels of communication, in order
to deliver the best possible results from start
to finish. Our Modular Project Methodology
makes it easy to see how we work, from the
first step to the turnover package.
Because what starts out well in the
beginning, will turn out well in the end.
Virtual Walk-Downs
Beyond the standing weekly project
meetings that are a cornerstone of our
external collaboration, at various stages
in the design process, our engineers
personally “walk and talk” our clients through
on a 3D model of their developing design.
We don’t just send the model, we get on the
phone and walk through it together line by
line. This series of conversations allows for
optimization of operation, maintenance and
access during the design phase rather than
the construction phase.
Seeking an A+
Once the project is complete, all client
stakeholders are asked to fill out a detailed
Project Report Card, that evaluates Koch
Modular’s performance according to a
variety of key metrics.
Because the only thing more important than
the left hand knowing what the right hand is
doing is that we all shake hands at the end
of the project.
Chemical processing industry projects still suffer
from poor communication. The ole’ left-hand,
right hand lack of coordinatioan still plagues
projects today, even with the availability of
amazing project management tools and stronger
than ever pressure to perform. Between the
thousands of emails, too little harmonization
between corporate cultures, and a lack of clarity
on project vision, mistakes can get made, time
is wasted, and projects run over budget.
Cubicle Walls Don’t Stop Us
That’s where Koch Modular
culture takes down the walls.
Even the cubicle walls and
open the doors to effective
At Koch Modular, our entire engineering team is
in-house: Piping, Mechanical, Civil/Structural,
Stress, Vessel Design, Process Drafting,
Project, Process, Instrumentation, Electrical,
and Controls teams. All under one roof.
That means they’re collaborating closely,
walking over to discuss options or project snags.
Cubicle walls are no obstacle at Koch Modular –
when you visit, listen for the joking tossed over
those walls – between the piping, stress and
vessel designers, or the mechanical engineers
and the process team.
Here, piping doesn’t need to go through
Project Management to get the answer they
need – they just walk on over!
Our clients are never waiting for an overseas
CAD resource – we’re all right here.
Brainstorming and collaboration feed great
communication. You’ll see the coffee runs and
even boot camp breaks @ 5 pm when project
deadlines loom.
Sharing ideas and working through challenges
proactively means that the Koch Modular team
develops a deep understanding of not only our
client’s needs, but their unspoken goals.